Who are we?

We are a sustainably-focused family vegetable farm in the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma.  We are not ‘certified organic’ by choice – but we practice organic principles and work hard to be good stewards of our land and maintain a balance of using organic pesticides to discourage the bad bugs while supporting the good bugs!  We grow over thirty varieties of vegetables that we share with our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share-holders during our growing season.

We began this crazy journey years ago after Lisa rescued a weenie dog frantically running down Danforth.  ‘Sable’ was reunited with her human – a Korean War veteran – and a friendship ensued.  When Bill decided to move, we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to purchase the 8.3 acres.  Mary Katherine was able to walk outside and spend time with her horse, Andrew fished and practiced his bow skills, and Steve had a chainsaw glued to his hands for weeks getting the place manicured and looking it’s best.  And of course we had to have a garden!

A couple years later, as our garden grew, we met a caterer who loved our lettuce and  told us she would buy whatever we grew.  First it was the extra lettuce we transplanted from an over zealous sprinkle of seeds in a cold frame – to spinach, carrots, beets….then Steve working with the NRCS using plasticulture in the form of black plastic over raised beds, then erecting our first hoop house in 2009.  Today – we have 9 hoop houses and a number of CSA members, with a sprinkle of a few retail customers.

Steve worked full-time on the farm while Lisa helped before and after work and weekends.  Today – Steve and son Andrew work building their business, Phocas Farms Greenhouses, and Mary Katherine works full time running the farm, while Steve and Lisa help out when they can!