Much more than just peppers!

41EABB37-CE4B-452B-977E-2318145A8113.jpegHey there – I know I have posted about peppers before and I may seem to be a little wacky about them – but not only do I love all things pepper – I really get excited about how easy they are to ‘put up’!  No blanching or canning needed – just chop and freeze – or dry and pulverize!   Those of you that are CSA members know that at times throughout the year, Mary Katherine places crates of extra produce in which our customers can take what they like at no extra charge!  (One of the many benefits of our CSA program). With the recent freeze, she had to pick all the bell peppers. So – I took advantage of some extras, brought them home – washed, chopped and froze them on a cookie sheet. I just bagged them up this morning cause I forgot they were still in the freezer and that reminded me I haven’t blogged in a while.  In the picture you can see the peppers are diced really small. I use the most awesome Vidalia chopper (Bed, Bath & Beyond)  and really like the small dice because we have a few people in our family afraid of eating veggies!  I dice them small – along with onions – and before making soups or casseroles, I grab some pre-diced (by me) peppers and onions from the freezer and sauté until the onions are carmelized. Right before I add any other ingredients – I always add minced, sliced, or whole garlic (again for the fearful ones in the family – the whole garlic adds less of a garlic flavor and can easily be removed before serving). I now have a wonderful base for just about anything. And the exciting part is I had them ready to go in the freezer – yay me!  Also in the picture – you see the shaker with hot pepper flakes. The kids and I use that stuff on almost anything – love the kick and flavor.


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