Cilantro is a herb known for flavoring salsas from tex-mex to authentic Latino dishes.  Try out this Pico De Gallo recipe or make up your own variation of hot peppers, cumin and green bell pepper.

  1.  Something to remember about Cilantro is that a small portion of the population has a genetic trait that causes cilantro to taste like soap rather than its wonderful robust flavor.  Keep that in mind when someone tries your pico de gallo and makes a face.
  2. Drying cilantro is trickier than most herbs, and is typically not as tasty as fresh.  It cannot be air dried.  It will become limp, and lose its flavor, but never dry out completely.  Instead spread it on a parchment/cookie sheet and set your oven to its lowest setting.  Keep the door cracked open and let the heat from the oven and circulating air from the crack in the door dry it out.  Feel it every once in awhile to see if it is crisp like paper.  When it is, take it out and crumble it off its stalks.  Remove the stalks by hand or put it through a large-holed sieve or colander.  Place in airtight container and keep out of direct sunlight.

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