Farm Diary


I am Lisa Hill…

We are blessed to have a number of customers stick with us year after year  – and the new customers we add each year add to our blessings.  Occasionally we have a new member who finds the weekly bags overwhelming, too time consuming, or were expecting a larger variety of produce each week.  I have a desire to share ideas of what we do with the abundance of greens, how I prep, a new recipe, why we can’t grow all vegetables every season, and more recently – my journey to eat ‘seasonal’.

For years I have talked about doing videos of ‘unboxing’ my weekly bag and showing how we prep it for optimal storage, how we preserve when we have an abundance of tomatoes, peppers, greens, etc., sharing recipes, and how to eat seasonal.  I want to show others what I do because I am not a trained chef – or that super organized person that seems to have everything in perfect order.  I am a sub-par house keeper, I tend to be cluttered and messy, I take on too many things at once, causing piles to stack up all over the house, but I keep trying to do better because I know one day I will be able to have an unexpected guest come in the house without the endless stream of excuses of why my house still looks like I have two toddlers at home!  I want to share with our customers how I cook dinners with the produce we get in our bag that week, how I make jelly, dry peppers, etc. in hopes I can give them ideas so they can continue to enjoy the fruits of our labor!  And I hope those reading my blog or watching my videos will share new ideas with me because there are times I get stuck in a rut and need some fresh ideas!

So this was a long-winded introduction of saying I am going to start sharing my experiences of what I do with my weekly CSA bag in a blog – perhaps not every week, but bi-weekly for sure!  Welcome and I look forward to this new endeavor!

Phocas is the patron saint of farming.  We remember his life of farming and generosity and try to order our priorities likewise.


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